How does it work?

Step one: 

You tell me your video needs. You can do this via email, or by my favorite method - we can meet in person! I will listen attentively to your vision, take notes, and then I'll give you a quote for how much I think your project will cost. At this point, you will let me know if you want to move forward with your project. At this time we also plan our filming days. We put a date on the calendar for when you are available to record the video and audio of your production.

Step two: 

I head home from our meeting and begin brainstorming and story-boarding your video. It is best if I have at least a few weeks to do this, because that gives me time to research the video marketing methods of other successful businesses in your field and to visualize what your production could look like. I will also ask you some questions during this period as ideas come to me. I will also request any logos or branding that you want included in your video. 

Step three: 

When our filming day comes, I will arrive at the pre-determined location at the time we have agreed upon with all my gear, ready to film. If you or any of your team/staff are going to be in the video, especially if they will be speaking, it is best if they have spent time preparing beforehand. It will take me a little while to get the equipment set up (lights, camera, audio, etc.), then we will begin! Depending on whether your opted for a full-day or a half-day, I will be available for either 8 or 4 hours respectively. If you would like to produce a video with you or members of your team speaking to the camera, I would recommend choosing no less than one full-day. If your project requires multiple days to film, that is okay! We can set up multiple days on the calendar. 

Step four:

I head home and begin the editing process! This will likely take at least two weeks. If you need your video produced more quickly, you can opt for rush pricing. When I have finished, I will present the video to you, and give you a copy on a flash drive. I ask that payment is given before I give you the flash drive.